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Quality greases are important for the smooth operation of bearing and pedals. They should prevent dirt getting to the bearings, resist water washout and provide durable lubrication, reducing the power needed to propel the bike. Ramonol Universal is a high quality general purpose grease for all bike applications. It achieved excellent power consumption ratings in independent wheel bearings tests, beating several well known brands. For touring and recreational use you won’t find a better value grease on the market giving you dependable performance ride after ride.  Bike component manufacturers are using Ramonol Universal for factory fill of pedals and other moving parts.

After we found Ramonol Universal was quite a lot better than many well established bike greases, we started thinking about racing bikes and wheelchairs. Athletes win by fractions of seconds. Could greases make a difference?   We thought it possible, and after two years of testing and development our new grease, Ramonol Ultraglide Pro, beat every competitor product in the independent wheel bearing tests - a new king is born!  See table below. 


Ramonol Universal is an excellent marine grease. Although formulated for boat trailer wheel bearings, it's also suitable for the lubrication of mountain and road bikes for recreational purposes, providing protection against corrosion and wear. In wheel bearing energy consumption tests, Ramonol Universal came in the middle of all the other bike greases we tested. In fact it's so good we supply a famous manufacturer of pedal sets and bike wheels with it as a first fill.

Ramonol Ultraglide Pro

Ramonol Ultraglide Pro is the ultimate energy conserving grease for bike and wheelchair bearings. We tested every bike grease available in a wheel bearing rig specially developed for us by Wheel Energy, a Finnish company. Many of the greases tested used different technologies, but Ultraglide Pro came out best. There are various test rigs out there and we accept that in other test rigs we might not be the best, nonetheless these data are encouraging. Interestingly, the Wheel Energy's tests showed the performance of many of the competitor greases deteriorated quickly after 6 hrs duration, whereas Ultraglide Pro continued to maintain performance up to 24 hrs of running - the maximum duration tested. Perhaps electric bikes will go further if they were filled with Ramonol Ultraglide Pro.

Bike Grease Comparison Chart

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