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Marine Greases

Ramonol marine greases are well established with sailors and marine engineers. They perform well in applications where excellent lubrication and sea water resistance are required. Ramonol White is a general-purpose grease, for stern and steering glands etc. Ramonol Advanced is a high performance white grease for all on-board equipment, feathering propellers, jet drives etc. Now joined by Ramonol Universal for trailer bearings, on-board equipment and also out door equipment such as mountain bikes, mining and farming equipment.


A quality lithium general purpose, value for money, grease ideal for use in seacocks, stern glands and steering glands and other situations where grease is regularly replaced. For higher levels of protection for marine deck hardware and other items exposed to harsh conditions Ramonol Advanced is recommended.


A high quality calcium sulphonate grease with outstanding anti-wear and waterproof qualities. Strongly recommended for all marine deck gear, and machinery where the highest level of protection is required. Ramonol Advanced is well established in the market as the premium white grease.

Testimonials record winches and furling gear still working smoothly after 3 years with no further attention after the initial clean and application of Ramonol Advanced. Although quite an expensive grease, in terms of reduced maintenance it is invaluable. A great product.


Ramonol Universal is an excellent marine grease. Although formulated for boat trailer wheel bearings, it's also suitable for the lubrication of mountain and road bikes for recreational purposes, providing protection against corrosion and wear. In wheel bearing energy consumption tests, Ramonol Universal came in the middle of all the other bike greases we tested. In fact it's so good we supply a famous manufacturer of pedal sets and bike wheels with it as a first fill.

Case studies

Using the right grease is important

If you think grease is just grease you couldn’t be more wrong. There are many types of grease chemistry and if you are not using the right one, you are likely paying to replace parts unnecessarily, as well as having to do more maintenance. The right grease for the job will save you time and provide greater protection to the equipment/fittings you rely on. However, attention must also be paid to compatibility problems that can arise if you mix grease types – it can turn to oil. So if you are ch... Read more

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