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Whenever you buy a Gruebb product, you're buying into years of formulating experience. Our products are proven in industry, in bikes along mountain tracks or on the high seas.  We aim for the best so you have peace of mind. And if you have a difficult application that no-one has been able to solve, talk to us. We offer a free tailor made lubricant formulation service. Most of our lubricants result from solving problems.

Case studies

Using the right grease is important

If you think grease is just grease you couldn’t be more wrong. There are many types of grease chemistry and if you are not using the right one, you are likely paying to replace parts unnecessarily, as well as having to do more maintenance. The right grease for the job will save you time and provide greater protection to the equipment/fittings you rely on. However, attention must also be paid to compatibility problems that can arise if you mix grease types – it can turn to oil. So if you are ch... Read more

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